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We have skilled consultants and engineers who can help your business to design, implement and maintain the latest IT technologies and solutions customized for your business need. 

Network Design and Installation

Network design and installation services are proposed professionally by our technical experts for active and Passive network components subtly and according to the safety measures. We share many years of expertise to plan, supply, and implement computer networks ranging from a small office setup to multiple sites with multiple users.

Network Security Solutions

Believing in the power of security and safety, We support the ideation and customizing of specific security solutions for your business' infrastructure. We integrate active and consistent threat detection and prevention with our client's existing systems such as Fortinet Security products, Kaspersky security products, and Microsoft security products.

Gazayerli IT Solutions provides advisory and assessment services to close the gap within your IT security systems.  Our experienced team is trained to detect the flawed-link for spotting the errors, providing better security of data can be executed. 

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services is set to evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure. Our experts will seek and find security flaws and attempt to access sensitive systems, intellectual property, and key business sys​tems. According to the results,  we propose more strengthen or re-structure to the security status. 

External Penetration Testing

Simulates an attacker originating from the Internet.

Internal Penetration Testing

Simulates an attacker that has established access to the Internet network

Wireless Penetration Testing

Attempts to compromise the environment through wireless technologies

Application Penetration Testing

Performs attacks against web applications or other applications to identify vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability Assessment Services role is to define, identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities through computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures. We supports our clients' with the know-how to recognize the threats in their environment and how to react to them appropriately.

Our in-depth knowledge of " Platform and Network Security Assessments &Vulnerability Scanning " enables us to extend assessment capabilities in the following areas:

Multi-layered security where we secure identity, on-premise & cloud-based assets.

  Information security gap assessment and remediation roadmap development.

Cybersecurity testing and improvement services.

Information security training and awareness.

Surveillance CCTV Solutions

Consistent surveillance and monitoring is crucial for every business to run operations through a safer environment. We offer the ease-of-use and facilitated management for our clients to run Surveillance systems. 

We propose industry leading Hikvision, Uniview and Dahua surveillance cameras to provide enhanced security within your premises. Our solutions boost the controlling & monitoring  every layer of your existing integrated security system.

VOIP Solutions

For optimizing the Voice-related executions and processes, our VOIP services are tailored for every business need separately; for selling purposes, service/product knowledge, …etc. Also, we consult our customers in taking decisions for the solutions that can best fit their need for better implementations of the solutions. 

We offer a variety of IP telephony solutions to fulfill different needs to enhance communications capabilities, From small to medium enterprises to residential users including Cisco, Grand stream, and Yeastar and Yealink solutions.

Virtualization Solutions

Every living element is combined in one nature. with only few clicks or moves, everything is accessible and attainable. Leverage the smart solution, virtually!

Since the world is going virtual. Our Virtualization Consulting Services delivers end-to-end solutions with its expertise on market-leading platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V. By our proven excellence, we can help organizations in switching over to a virtualized IT environment and meet the demand for more efficient IT operations.

Backup Solutions

Backing up your business data is major for keeping the flow and continuity of the business. A backup solution should always be safe, secured with facilitated accesses. 

Our strongly dependable backup technology is provided to make sure that your systems are up and running in a quick timeframe after any sort of disaster. We provide Backup to Tape or Disk technologies and Over-Lan or Over-San. Using BackupExec, Veeam Backup, and Microsoft backup solutions.

Storage Solutions

We can help you in choosing the best storage solution (SAN - NAS) that fits your business needs, with a comprehensive selection of NAS solutions that meets different consumer needs from small bay models designed for home users to tower and rackmount level NAS for businesses and workgroups.

However the size of the business; every business require a rock-solid IT infrastructure that will ensure that they have the right tools, hardware, and potential to continue growing. QNAP provides a full range of cutting-edge network-attached storage devices that not only fulfill your storage needs but also provide a wide range of services and features to greatly increase the productivity and options of your business.

Cloud Solutions

Led by a multi-cloud expert team, we offer Cloud Division designs in a scalable, customized, and flexibility cloud experiences which can boost your business performance.

We minimize the complexities of your transformation and the data security risks so you can migrate quickly and without any disruptions. Working with global leaders in cloud technology, we empower businesses to embrace the cloud with adaptable and integrated solutions so that the innovative business can meet tomorrow’s needs.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery (DR) is an organization’s ability to restore access and functionality to IT infrastructure after any disaster event, whether natural or caused by human action. DR is considered a core of business continuity,. It focuses on ensuring that the IT systems that support critical business functions are operating as soon as possible after a disruptive event occurs.

Types of disasters can include:

  • Cyber-attacks (malware, DoS, DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks)
  • Machine and hardware failure

The benefits of disaster recovery software  

No organization can afford to ignore disaster recovery.  The two most important benefits of having a disaster-solving plan in place by using effective DR software, are:

Cost Savings

Implementing anti-disaster solutions can save the costs of losing hardware capabilities or data.

Faster Recovery

offering a fast recovery within a lowered time-frame or steady operations even in the time of disaster occurrence. 

Printings Solution

A printing solution supports our clients' management for their fleet of printers. It can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be, depending on your business printing size.

We offer a variety of printing supplies and managed print programs that we can customize to fit your unique requirements. Our team will understand your printing environment and recommend a unique solution for you.

Office 365 Services

It is one of the important operational tools as it contains useful packages from software and hardware enabling our customers to manage any infrastructure easily and efficiently. 

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